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For a business to function successfully, funding becomes instrumental. There are various channels through which funds can be acquired, but the most common way is through Debt financing. Our finance experts act as intermediaries and help businesses understand the complexities of procuring the funds. Chiefly, there are two means to raise funds under this:


In this, the banks provide the required funds to the corporate or business entities. These funds help the company expand, develop and prosper. Under B2B loans, there are other subsidiaries mentioned below:

Project Loans

This type of loan is advantageous for those who are emerging in the marketplace. It helps the business finance the new upcoming projects and the infrastructure.


Such loans are facilitated to the existing business for expansion. This enables the company to sustain its production processes and assets or purchase equipment.

Working Capital Loans

This is the most general type for raising funds. They can be further categorized as fund-based and non-fund based. The former provides Cash Credit (CC) or Overdraft facility, while the latter offers a Bank Guarantee or Letter of Credit.


Under this, banks and NBFCs play a vital role in lending funds to the companies. The borrowers, in this case, vary based on the purpose they require money for.
They can be grouped as follows:

Individual Loans

They can avail of personal unsecured loans to cover their personal expenses or consider Home Loans while buying property.

Business Loans

This qualifies for the ones who need funds for operating their business. These can be attained through Security of Property, Loan against Property, or Unsecured Business Loan Category.

Thus, we at Suprateek ensure that the companies have ongoing cash management, enabling them to make larger purchases and a systematized and secured way for raising their funds, which would gradually help them build a prospective customer base.